Monday, December 19, 2011

The Races

After doing some research...I've got the first five races!  Here they are:

January 1~  Frosty Four (4 miles)

January 7~  The Snowshoe Classic (5K) run this one in snowshoes...if there is snow...but I'm not doing my snow dance...

February 11~Bradford Valentine Road Race (5 miles or 6K)

March 25~ Cross Country Race at Olde Salem Greens (5K)

April 29~ Salem State University Wellness Race (5K)

There are many more spring races, but the dates haven't been posted yet.  By February I should be able to add the last 5 races.

I realized that there may be people visiting the blog that don't know me personally.  Two things you need to know...1) I am planning on adding a Paypal option if you'd like to donate 2)  I (unfortunately) am not one of those runners that is in shape enough that I can bust out races quickly.  In other words...this is a challenge for me.  One that I am absolutely excited for! 

It's funny how good helping others can make you feel.  :)  Thanks for all of the support!  I'll keep you posted!

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