Friday, December 30, 2011

Up First...The Frosty Four!

My first race is coming up on New Years Day. :)  Sunday seems to be approaching rather quickly!  I've been off for a week, but due to major home renovations that may or may not be doing me in...I've only gotten a few short runs in.  My major focus has been planning fun activities that keep the boys out of the way of the workers.

Luckily, The Frosty Four is a fairly flat course through Salem...road race mecca of the North Shore!  It's through the fabulous Salem Park and Rec in partnership with the Wicked Running Club.  I'm a member of the club, although I had all but vanished since I had my boys.  I'm hoping that is about to change.  This is the first year I'm doing this race...New Year's Day always seems too cold and windy for me to get out and I need a sitter since my husband always works New Year's Eve.  The sitter is lined up and they're forecasting 50s!!!  Woot Woot!!!

I've already learned a few things along the way of this short journey...the first is that although it seems nearly impossible to carve out any time for myself to get runs in, it is necessary.  I need to get my butt back in shape and do some things for me.  Damn you mommy guilt!!!  It is making it easier that although the running part is for's for something bigger.  It's to help people that could use a little help right now.  Somehow, that makes it easier for me get out there and do it.  I also find I think more during my runs...about what I have and how lucky I am.

The other is that people, for the most part anyway, are genuinely kind and giving.  Thanks to everyone who has offered to sponsor me along the way!  I'll keep you updated!  Looking forward to getting the first race DONE!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Exactly :)
 I've gotten out for a few runs since I made my 10 race commitment.  I had only run twice since Thanksgiving and I have to admit I was feeling the effects.  :0  I got a good three and half miler in.  I'm so thankful for the nice weather we've been having which makes getting outside to run so much easier.  I've heard the Rocky theme song in the car three days in a row. Coincidence?!?!  I think not.  I'm feeling a little "Rocky" like.  I might have to add it to my running playlist.  ;)

I also am so excited that two friends have joined me in running for the Fitzgeralds.  They may not run every race I do, but will be running many of them and raising money too!  I have a team!!  Persistence pays off...thanks girls!!

I wanted to share the links to the blogs of the family I am raising money for in case you would like more information about them.  I admire their strength and can't imagine their pain.

I also came across this etsy site.  The woman is donating all proceeds to the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund, which is amazing!!  I bought a four pack.  One for me and 3 as Christmas gifts.  The bracelets are beautiful.

Merry Christmas everyone!!  I'll post again after the holidays.  I'll also have the papal link up before my first race on January 1st!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Races

After doing some research...I've got the first five races!  Here they are:

January 1~  Frosty Four (4 miles)

January 7~  The Snowshoe Classic (5K) run this one in snowshoes...if there is snow...but I'm not doing my snow dance...

February 11~Bradford Valentine Road Race (5 miles or 6K)

March 25~ Cross Country Race at Olde Salem Greens (5K)

April 29~ Salem State University Wellness Race (5K)

There are many more spring races, but the dates haven't been posted yet.  By February I should be able to add the last 5 races.

I realized that there may be people visiting the blog that don't know me personally.  Two things you need to know...1) I am planning on adding a Paypal option if you'd like to donate 2)  I (unfortunately) am not one of those runners that is in shape enough that I can bust out races quickly.  In other words...this is a challenge for me.  One that I am absolutely excited for! 

It's funny how good helping others can make you feel.  :)  Thanks for all of the support!  I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It started with a little girl

Something happens to you when you become a mom.  You are not just a mom to your child, but to every child it seems.  When things happen to children that never should, it is unthinkable...mind bending...and takes your mind to places you don't want to think about.  I recently read about a local family in which two members, a mom and her daughter, were battling cancer.  They lost their little girl last week and I have been thinking about this family every day since.  This little girl sparked me to try to make a difference for this family.  I can't give them their daughter back as much as I wish I could.  However, maybe I can help them get back on their feet from the financial toll that two sick family members can take.

My plan is simple.  I am getting my butt off my couch and lacing up my sneakers.  I am fortunate to live in a runner friendly community with ample road races of varying distances.  I am going to run 10 road races in memory of Saoirse Fitzgerald.  Here's where you come in.  I would LOVE (and APPRECIATE) it if you would sponsor me for each race I complete between now and late spring/early summer.  Even a few dollars per person per race would add up quickly!  You can follow my progress on here.  I plan on documenting each race with photos.  I will also add all of your names to the sign that will go along with the check to the family.  So what do you think?  Can you help me make a difference?  I'll do all of the legwork!