Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are we having fun yet??

Race Three is in the books!  It was another tough one at a local golf course, which really just means one hill after another.  :)  I haven't run this one since 2006 and I have to admit I remember it being somewhat easier.  However, I was only a little slower 6 years later.  That gives me hope. 

The rain cleared and the conditions were better than I expected. I did leave my fancy new kicks at home for this one...wouldn't want to get them muddy!  I am looking forward to some road races that take place on an actual road at some point...but for now here is a photo of me crossing the grassy finish line!  I got out, saw lots of great people, got my workout in, and raised money for a great cause!  I have to admit that 3 days later as I type this, my legs are still hurting from all of those hills!  :0

Finally at the finish!

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