Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hills of March

I'm guilty of not blogging in a bit.  Apparently, January, February, and March are not busy race months.  :)  We have had such a mild and snow free winter that I have run more this winter than any other.  Sick kiddos got in the way of running for a few weeks, but I am back on track.  I am finding some ways to be more consistent with my running. 

Race number three is coming up on Sunday.  It's the Olde Salem Greens Cross Country Race.  Loosely translated...hills.  I did this race a few years ago and it was tough.  Mile two is at the end of the course, but you have to do another loop for the 3rd mile.  I remember thinking I was done...but really had a mile to...or this race could be harder than I remember.  Time will tell!!

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