Sunday, June 24, 2012

Race Number 10...It's a Beautiful Day!

Bright and early this morning I ran my final race to raise money for the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund.  Very fitting that it was the North Shore Cancer Run!!  It was a bright and sunny day.  As I came across the finish the speakers were blasting It's  Beautiful Day by U2.  I thought to myself that it really many people running and walking to raise money and tell cancer to get lost. 

The end of the race mingled with the walk.  I saw families in matching shirts honoring their loved ones with names and pictures on their backs.  Children and the elderly...all walking..each one with a different story of cancer..  Last year my family did the 6M walk as my aunt was at Mass General kicking cancer's ass.  :)  Since last year, many more people in my circle have been diagnosed..and it sucks.  Time for it to go!!

I have a few draft posts that are coming soon...but I can tell you that so far my fundraising has surpassed what I expected when I started this journey six months ago...THANK YOU for helping me help the Fitzgeralds!!!!!!!

And Kick Butt We Did!!

I actually look like I am running...and not shuffling. 

My Number