Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to Say Thanks...

I am one week away from my last race to raise money for the Fitzgerald Cancer Fund.  I have a few races scheduled after that...but nothing compared to how many I've run in recent months.  I'm having some fun with my last few blog posts...but I wanted to send out some thank yous before I get caught up in finishing. 

A big thank you to all of the race organizers out there for organizing some awesome road races throughout the North Shore.  I am lucky to live in such an active and awesome community!!

Thanks to all of the random runners I've met along the way.  Lots of people encouraged me during races...complete strangers.  Somehow those kind words always came at exactly the right time.  Funny thing is, now I am much more likely to encourage someone on the course who looks like they could use some.  :)

To Danielle, Sue, and Kate who ran as many of the races as they could...and snapped photos when they came.  I apologize for that hot and hilly...somewhat brutal...5 miler I convinced you all to do!!

To all of the random strangers I asked to take my picture at the end of a race.

To Mike Toomey from Toomey Sports Running Center who runs the Salem Park and Rec running clinics.  I think I owe my new-found speed to those track workouts!

To my dad and mom who came over many Saturday mornings so I could get to a race while my husband was at work.

To Eric for holding down the fort while I was out running...and for our brand new Garmin!

To my boys for asking me how my run was when I got home and telling me I should sit down and have a drink of water (before I turned back into Mommy).  :)

To all of YOU...yes YOU...for following my blog and offering kind words of support along the way. You all ROCK!!

I think this may be the closest I get to giving an awards speech...

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  1. This is an amazing thing you are doing Shawna! I will put a check in the mail today :) So proud of you, you are truly inspirational!