Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fast Chicks 5K

I made it to the half way point!  Five races down and five to go! 

This is a new race and I have to admit I ran it for the shirt.  C' could I not!  So cute!!  I'm not really a fast chick, but after today I am a faster chick.  I did this one at a pace of 11 minute miles...which is my fastest pace so far since I've started running again. I have to admit I wasn't feeling so well for this one.  I was battling a massive headache, but since I am running for Saoirse, I never doubted I would do the race.  Excedrin, water, and I was good to go!

The race was organized by a local moms group to raise money for a new play structure.  It was an all women race except for one man (the rooster) who won a spot through a raffle. I love the creativity and the kids in the jog strollers and watching from porches got a kick out of the guy who actually wore a rooster costume.  Each finisher got a rose as they crossed the finish line.  I have a feeling this is going to turn into a popular race.  Well organized, family friendly, cute shirts, flowers, and they had music blasting!

Before we started one of the organizers, who by the way was wearing her baby in a baby bjorn (love it!!!), thanked us for running.  She reminded us that although kids may look up to celebrities and reality tv stars, we were the ones they see everyday and today we were showing them we are strong and making a difference in our community. The purpose of the race was to celebrate the strength of women, their spirit, and their ability to impact their community.  She said is much better than I am...I was too busy welling up to recall the specifics. Yes, that makes two races in a row where I had to fight back tears.  Not really sure what is up with that. 

Rockin' the purple adidas kicks

Even the signs were cute

Having my picture taken by a very nice stranger. 

Next up....the Patrick Downey 5K next weekend!

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  1. Missing the North guys have such an awesome running community! Thinking I might dust off my kicks and give running another try. Not sure if my knee will hold out but you have been an inspiration!