Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day...

A blog is an interesting thing.  It gives you a glimpse into a stranger's life.  It can make you think about something in a new way...or give you a glimpse into other people's reality.  I don't know the Fitzgerald family personally.  I learned about them in our local paper and began following their blogs.

This Mother's Day, I thought of Kezia and how she wouldn't have her baby girl with her on Mother's Day. I learned through her blog that Saoirse was also diagnosed the previous year...on Mother's Day.  In her very short time as a mother, Mother's Day hasn't been about flowers, or gifts, or kisses...and that just sucks.   

And so here is my race...Race Number Six...for the Fitzgerald family.  :)  I hope that knowing your little girl isn't forgotten and has impacted me (and many others) in so many ways gives you a small amount of comfort. 

Closing in on the finish line


My racing buddy

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