Monday, May 21, 2012

The Tri-Rok a 5k

What a great race!! I am a creature of habit, so I tend to stick to the the races I have run in the past.  My mission is pushing me to make some changes and run some new races.  This was a beautiful one!!  The second mile was along a narrow gravel road with beautiful farms on either side. The horses seemed to be enjoying the entertainment of everyone running by. I sooo wanted to stop and watch them, but I had a race to finish!!

 The view would have been slightly more enjoyable had I not been sucking air for the entire race. ;)  The past two races, I have missed a sub 33 time by 6 and 4 seconds.  This morning I got my sign that today was my day. I had been nervous...trying not to put pressure on myself which could backfire on me pretty easily.  I arrived at the race and discovered it was chip timed. It would record my actual time once I crossed the start line until I finished. If there was a day to get in under 33 minutes...this was it!!

I forgot my Garmin and they were not calling out times... so I felt like I had to push hard. I did stop for water at mile two and walked a few steps to catch my breath. I trailed a woman most of the race. She had long legs and looked like running was effortless. Pretty sure I didn't look anything close to that behind her!! As we approached mile 3 I was speeding up and she seemed to be slowing down. As we turned into the park, I passed her and sprinted to the finish. The clock was showing 32 minutes and change, and I knew I met my goal!!  My official time was 32:16.

 Funny I got to my car, the woman I passed was parked next to me. Awkward...She smiled and commented about our competition at the end. I apologized (although I don't think I had to) and I explained my goal and the fact that I couldn't see the clock so I was slightly panicked I was going to miss it again. I've never done a race in this town before and I am loving much that I am doing a 5 miler there on Saturday.  :)

My boys were still in their jammies when I got home.
Noah took this one.  :)  It was an hour later and I was still not feeling back to normal.

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  1. I am so impressed by all of these races!!! Go mama!